Book Krystina and Desi to teach their Pop/Rock Broadway Masterclass at your University, Theatre School, or Program for the 2020-2021 school year! With Broadway ever changing, now more than ever, we feel it is vitally important for your students to come to NYC with access to their authentic pop/rock sound! Let us help your students find their inner Broadway Pop/Rock Star with this masterclass series. All students will sing their own pop/rock cut and we will work with each one individually to help them feel comfortable singing this increasingly desired sound on Broadway. We will give them tips and tricks, stylization, rep, and much more. We always follow with a detailed and open Q&A to connect with the students and answer any questions they have about pop/rock techniques, Broadway, life in NYC, and anything else on their minds. 


To give you an idea of what private voice lessons will be, we will discover where you are on your vocal journey - whether it's with a lot of experience or none! From personalized warm-ups to vocal technique, we will find ways to strengthen each part of your voice. Alongside establishing healthy vocal habits, we will also work on repertoire -- songs you're currently working on, as well as new material! 


To give you an idea of what career coaching will be, we will work with you on what your specific journey is in this business, and break everything down to give you a plethora of tools to move forward with your brand and career! We will look at how you're balancing your work and mental health day-to-day, as well as make a good game plan for tangible things to do that week to meet your business goals. We will be giving you tasks to complete with each session, so prepared to work!

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